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Getting Married? Need Hairstyle Inspiration?

You've set the date. The venue is booked. You've found the perfect dress. But what about your hairstyle or hairstyles? Do you want it all up? or down and wavy? Would you like a different look for the ceremony and the reception? SO MANY CHOICES! There a literally hundreds of styles to choose from and the decisions can seem endless and overwhelming. 

Relax, don't worry...There is help out there, if you know where to look and who to work with.

My advice - Stick to classic styles that are modern without being too trendy. As a celebrity hairstylist, I incorporate a classic, yet modern approach to all the hairstyles that I create. I strive to make my clients feel comfortable and as true to themselves as possible. Using creative techniques and tools, I can sculpt hair into countless shapes and textures that are tailored to each client's hair type and/or density. 

Please watch the video below featuring hairstyles that I have created on some of my former Brides, as well as entire bridal parties. Hopefully you will be inspired to choose the perfect hairstyle(s) for your big day!

Want Cleaner Hair? Use this trick to remove years of buildup, in just minutes with this common household ingredient!

Do you have dull, flat, limp hair that feels waxy, extremely oily or just plain lifeless? or maybe you just need an effective way of clarifying your hair, but don't want to pay for an overpriced clarifying shampoo. Look no further...Check out my tips to remove oils, products and minerals that have built up on your locks in just minutes! Your hair and wallet will sing your praises! (Click the photo below).

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Photo Source: TM Studios

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